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Validating user input dating love meet site

I sometimes fat finger the password and the process starts, which locks out my account.

Is there a way to verify my credentials to make sure that what I typed in will validate with the Domain?

Its goal is to enable generic SGML to be served, received, and processed on the Web in the way that is now possible with HTML.

Please refer to the errata for this document, which may include some normative corrections.

The previous errata for this document, are also available. This document is also available in these non-normative formats: XML and XHTML with color-coded revision indicators.

Input Validation is the correct testing for of any input that is supplied by something else. User input could come from a variety of sources, an end-user, another application, a malicious user, or any number of other sources.

A malicious user is not going to announce that he/she is here to attack your software.


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