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Whether some of them it’s true, some of them it’s not—you know, there might be two or three fake ones in there. In a place where I done sold three different collections. “I’m gonna disappear in Japan,” like he has an Amber Rose or some shit. A short time later, London called Complex back to address another allegation made by Connor last week.

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The 33-year-old famed video director sat down with The Combat Jack Show for a candid interview about her life and many accomplishments, but she also touched on her past relationship with Pharrell.i was on deck as well, making a cameo on a couple of tracks! In a rare occurrence, famed director and artist Vashtie Kola opened up--a tiny bit--about her past relationship with Pharrell Williams. Before Pharrell Williams married his wife Helen, he was in a longtime relationship with a woman named Vashtie Kola.and now folks are speculating that the two are making sweet music together (wink, wink).For months, rumors of the “Tuesday” rapper’s sexuality have been fodder for the gossip sites, but Makonnen has stayed mum.She has been active in the downtown New York City scene for over a decade.The New York Times wrote about her in a Style section profile.In case you didn't know, Vashtie Kola is a woman of many talents.She's an artist, director and designer but notably, she is the former longtime girlfriend of superproducer Pharrell.When asked about P she seemed very uncomfortable talking about him. Here are the highlights: On how she met Pharrell: She said she met P through Pusha T.On the type of person Pharrell is: “He’s a very nice guy.” On what she learned from her relationship with Pharrell: She said she learned a lot about business by watching Pharrell.


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