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When to go from dating to relationship

Tell them that you are glad you took the next step and are now dating. You likely know a lot about your friend’s past and also about who they are now.

Being open about your emotions will relieve any worry and also help you to create an emotional bond on a deeper level. However, you might not know this person’s hopes and dreams in terms of getting married, having a family and building a life together with someone.

A relationship is starting to get serious when you and your partner proudly display each other as significant others in the public eye.

You have no problem mentioning each other in tweets, posting photos together in Instagram pictures or including each other in Facebook status updates.

Despite his determination to take things slow and easy, he began to envision a long, blissful future together.

And although he was sure about his own ardent feelings for Gina, he wasn’t quite sure she felt as strongly in return.

This involves questions such as, “Are we ‘just friends’ or more than that?

Do one thing weekly that shows you care more than just a friend.

It's tough to know it if you don't talk about it, or say how you feel.

Of course, this kind of conversation should be strategic and well-timed.

There are many circumstances that create the perfect storm for a deep, committed relationship.

In addition to compatibility, you need good timing, luck, and both parties must be willing to commit.


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