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Who are the fresh beat band members dating

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In each episode of THE FRESH BEAT BAND, the four band members -- Marina (Shayna Rose), Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer), Twist (Jon Beavers), and Shout (Thomas Hobson) -- encounter a challenge that stops them in their tracks and calls for their combined problem-solving skills.

Whether it’s joining forces to write a new song or finding a way to cheer up a friend, these perky pals are always ready to pitch in and play their part.

It was Marina, and she was walking over to the couch in the main room; bag on one shoulder, and reading her planner.

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" Marina asked."I really like Kiki, but I don't know if she likes me..you find out? She ran over to Twist's door (after brushing her hair for 45 minutes), and knocked. Then, Twist said, "Wow, there are so many stars outside today." Marina looked up. The fresh beats went to their car and drove to the Groovy Smoothie, arriving just in time."Hey Fresh Beats! "Y-yeah, we don't want to be late." Kiki said, looking at the floor. Kids all over the nation are in for a treat as their favorite television show is about to come to life!That's right, the popular Nickelodeon television show, The Fresh Beat Band is ready to hit the stages all over the United States at their upcoming tour, and this is going to be an event that you do not want to miss.The show’s fairly juvenile, silly humor probably won’t appeal to older kids, but it’s a fine choice for the preschool set." /There’s no violence, but a main character gets caught up in a lot of physical humor (getting his feet stuck in buckets or falling into garbage cans, for instance), which sometimes causes him to take a spill.Preschoolers will find it hard to sit still watching this upbeat series, which is overflowing with the kind of zany comedy kids love, along with catchy original tunes and motivating dance numbers.Although this work is freely licensed or in the public domain, the person(s) shown may have rights that legally restrict certain re-uses unless those depicted consent to such uses.


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