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"It's like he's way too far away for us to be trying to like fix something and it's like and it's so...it's such a really big deal, it's the worst it's ever gotten before." While the two might not be dating anymore, they recently shot the music video for their "Do It" collaboration., the 34-year-old singer confessed that she and Lil Wayne split for a second time after he cheated again, and she couldn’t help breaking down.Does this mean she hopes for another reuniting with Wayne, or is this the final straw?

2016, they were seen on a number of intimate dates.Christina Milian may not be dating Lil Wayne anymore, but their relationship’s still an important part of her “Turned Up” reality show.In Tuesday's episode, Milian says she wished for a Lil Weezy proposal. Nick Cannon, 35, and Christina Milian, 35, reunited on the dance floor at the Jamaican club, Lorna’s for Seafood in New York City on Oct.18, and they basically danced until the sun came up!“Christina loves Wayne and she has an amazing connection with him. They make each other happy and want to keep that bond that they have strong.Staying together as a couple is her priority and things are going well.The ex-lovers reportedly hit the club around in the morning, and danced for hours before taking off, although it’s unclear if they left together, according to actress was seen grinding all up on Nick as he swayed back in forth. The two were reportedly out with mutual friends, and although they enjoyed a sexy dance with each other, they’re reportedly not in talks of getting back together, according to We have to admit, the pair looked kind of cute together, but it makes sense that they’re not starting a new romance.The “Dip It Low” singer also twerked a little for the camera. After all, in the recent months, Nick has been linked to TLC singer, Chili, 45.“There comes a time when you have to open your eyes and say, ‘I don’t have time for games, I don’t have time for games,'” Christina tearfully declared as she discussed her ex’s cheating allegations.“I don’t like the idea of being single again, but I can’t do this anymore, we’re done.” that she and Lil Wayne broke up after she found an Instagram of a girl wearing lingerie…in Wayne’s house.


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