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Who is actor shemar moore dating

We wonder what Shemar was whispering to his soccer champ girlfriend during this cute moment, because in the next instant, they’re both both laughing hysterically!Jaime Foxx made a guest appearance DJing for the couple and the crowd at the event, which was to celebrate the release of a new uniform for the British soccer team (Arsenal),” the eyewitness told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY. The crew asked Shemar who he thought was the hottest woman in his sports, and he said it was his new girlfriend — duh!" He then asked the reality TV star if she would date the actor.She said simply, "We'll see..."The two first met while filming "Watch What Happens Live" last December.Source: s-media-cache Kirsten Simone Vangsness is a writer and an American actress; she currently stars as FBi Technical Analyst ‘Penelope Garcia’ on the CBS drama ‘Criminal Minds’.Speaking of her movies, she featured in movies like ‘The Chicago 8’, ‘Kill Me, Deadly’, ‘Axis’, ‘In My Sleep’ and more.Apart from movies, her writing has been published in the ‘Los Angeles Times’; she has also co-written two of the episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’.

Shemar Moore is out there, but there might be a few things you don’t know about him; including his leading lady. Fear not, ladies, Shemar Moore wants kids of his own – and he wants them soon. You see, every time he makes an appearance on the beach, we get to see a shirtless photo of Shemar Moore and that makes us very happy.On that show, the two flirted and even shared several passionate kisses. Phaedra's relationship history is well known, but also confusing.No one seems to know if she's actually divorced from jailbird Apollo Nida. Scratch that; we do not love that he always seems to have a shirt on when he is profiling and tracking down killers on his hit CBS drama.Someone should really amend that small issue as quickly as possible.Phaedra filed for divorce back in 2014 a month after Apollo, 38, started an eight-year prison sentence for his role in a fraudulent auto-loan scheme. And his good looks make everyone fall in love with him so deep that it is almost impossible to get off. Well, today, it’s about his relationship with Kirsten Vangsness. We can confirm this cuz Shemar once spoke about it with the media.He looks good without a top on, and we think he should stick to that look.When he is in a relationship and when he finally does settle down and get married, he believes that there is nothing more important than respect and love in a marriage. You can’t have a happy marriage without a little respect (and yes, I did type that in my best Aretha Franklin voice).Before his career as an actor got on board, he appeared on the cover of different popular magazines like ‘Men’s Fitness’ magazine.Moreover, he has appeared on top class movies like: ‘The Bounce Back’, ‘Kill me, Deadly’, ‘The Seat Filler’, etcetera.


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