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Who is alesha dixon dating

is a British singer, dancer, rapper, model and television presenter from Welwyn Garden City, England.She found fame in the all-female R&B/garage trio Mis-Teeq.

The 53-year-old divorced her husband, Jimmy, after 25 years of marriage back in 2008 and recently said that it'd be "nice to start dating somebody again".Alesha Dixon boyfriend Noel Simpson also said that if she believed that something was right, she was for it 100 percent.He also added that in the beginning of their relationship she seemed to be very humble and grounded and Noel Simpson admitted that she is still like that and has not changed even when got involved into entertainment business.I hope he comes over."I don't want to say any more about who he is right now as that would be unfair on him.All I'll say is we are around the same age and he was a very nice guy."While being in the spotlight has been great for the singer - and she's worth nearly £20m - Susan has struggled with her recent diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.The trio disbanded in 2005 and Dixon pursued a music career as a solo artist, signing to Polydor Records.She began recording her debut solo album, Fired Up, in 2006, but due to poor record sales of her first two singles, "Lipstick" and "Knockdown", she was dropped from Polydor.It has been known that Alesha Dixon boyfriend is Noel Simpson.In one of his recent interviews Noel Simpson has revealed some spicy details about their relationship.The I Dreamed A Dream hit-maker was diagnosed with the condition, a form of autism which affects social and communication skills, in 2012 but has admitted she's making good progress two years on.She revealed to The Mail, it was 'definitely getting better' and explained she was au fait with how to deal with mood swings now.


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