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It’s the only reason this guy would get straight out of prison and make a bee-line for his lover.

And a lot of women I’ve talked to have really responded to that and are prepared to go through the violence and some of the more masculine elements because of that.

Bullz-Eye: There are times when I watching “Banshee” where I found myself thinking, “This really couldn’t be much more of a ‘guy’ show.” Antony Starr: Oh, really? BE: Well, you know, it’s action-packed, there’s sex, there’s violence…you can’t go wrong with those things in the “guy” demo. I mean, look, it’s definitely and obviously going to appeal to a sort of demographic.

But interestingly, though, I’ve talked to a lot of women who’ve seen it, and the fact that the show is basically a love story…you know, it’s anchored on a love story.

The guy set foot in the acting profession or career in the 1990s, coming into view in an episode of ' Xena' as a role of Mesas at 1995.

I told producers, 'The most humiliating thing you can do to me is make me beg for it.' And they went with it." Starr admits his girlfriend can't watch his fight scenes and his mum listens "through a pillow". Ratings have improved as more people discover the show; Starr regularly meets hardcore fans at events like Comic-Con, and You Tube videos are full of viewers saying things like, "Stumbled across this scene randomly. ', then back at it at 6am on Monday." Alongside workouts, fight training and script rehearsals, that's left Starr in desperate need of a break.

So I think it’s…well, we’ll wait and see, but I think it’s got a good appeal to women as well.

Bruised, battered and bloody, and with a split lip "hanging off my face", Antony Starr desperately needed to go to hospital. It was day one on the shoot for the first episode of Banshee, a bold but risky new TV show for HBO's sister cable network Cinemax that had plenty riding on the shoulders of the former Outrageous Fortune star. We mis-timed it and he threw his head up and split my lip," Starr explains. We were in a river and the director came up and said, 'Do you think you can keep shooting?

The guy was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 25th October 1975, Saturday.

The man was born to his parents and grew up with his siblings in Auckland, so also holds the New Zealand nationality, and also studied at The University of Auckland.


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