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Presenter Carol Mc Giffin has said that she would be willing to return to Loose Women, but only if “certain panellists” were removed.

Her comment came in response to a question on Twitter as she thanked fans for their messages of support during a difficult time for her family.

The 56-year-old presenter - who was given the all-clear from the disease less than a year ago herself - tragically lost her sibling Tracy to breast cancer last weekend after doctors found out four months ago…

Carol Mc Giffin's sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In 1995 Mc Giffin was a founding member of the Talk Radio UK team, co-presenting the popular weekday evening show The Rude Awakening with Moz Dee.

When the show ended in September 1995 she became the station's music expert for around six months, hosting her own Friday evening review slot and appearing every week on Jonathan King's programme.

She entered the industry after having secured a spot co-hosting the show GLR with in 1988.LOOSE Women star Carol Mc Giffin has opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis, saying it was the hardest thing her and fiancé Mark Cassidy have gone through. I've always called him 'Little 'Un' and he's called me 'Muck' and 'Mucky'.Carol, who has been with Mark for 7 years and engaged for 6, says the couple are happier than ever now, after her tough diagnosis last year. But the most stressful thing was the breast cancer. I didn't have to pretend, I didn't have to impress him. I'm currently 'Mucksticks.' And speaking about getting back to normal following her cancer news, Carol said: "Even though I still wasn't feeling 100 per cent, I was determined to go on holiday, to get out and see friends.I never thought, 'This is going to be testing for both of us,'" she told Bella magazine. "We hadn't done that for a year – when we got the diagnosis it was like 'Oh God', I know I was ill, but it did p*** me off that we couldn't go on holiday. "It was testing, but it was just something we got through and it was fine." But Carol said she felt lucky she's always been able to be herself with Mark, even from the start of their relationship, saying she was "never" on her best behaviour. Carol added about her supportive partner: "As soon as I met Mark, I knew he was the one! The 56-year-old presenter - who was given the all-clear from the disease less than a year ago - is devastated her little sibling Tracy has been told the lump she found in her breast…Carol Mc Giffin has undergone Botox to stop looking like "an old tramp".She briefly entered the world of reality competitions when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2013.Despite not winning, she earned a respectable 4th place finish.In late 1996 she reappeared on Liberty Radio, co-hosting the breakfast show with Richard Skinner for six months.In 19 she united with Paul Ross and Nick Abbot in varying time slots.


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