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Who is hef dating now who is zoya akhtar dating

We get that they're twins, but we were still a little bummed out to hear that Hugh Hefner can't tell two of his three girlfriends apart.Honestly, if you look quickly at a photo of Hef's latest batch of ladies, it's even a bit hard to distinguish 22-year-old Crystal Harris from the 19-year-old Shannon sisters.

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THE PLAYBOY EDITOR WOULD RATHER SCRAPBOOK THAN WRITE ABOUT HIMSELF Hefner spent more than a decade working on his memoirs before abandoning them altogether. Today he has a collection of 2,485 volumes of scrapbooks.

Should she have said these things about their sex life?

founder Hugh Hefner has had countless lovers over the years — some more notable than others.

's executive features editor Stephen Galloway discovered during his time at the Playboy Mansion, sometimes the dissonance can be shocking.

Galloway spent time with Hefner at his weekly movie night and in his legendary bedroom and came away with some totally unexpected insights.


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