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Who is jillian michaels dating right now

This has to be one of the most fabulous, emotional, wonderful blogs I have EVER written and we are SO happy to share this news with you. Our age difference was never really an issue for us, our love was always strong and very real and that’s all that mattered. Nevertheless, the topic of babies was always front and center in our lives, and I waited patiently for Justin to ‘catch up’ in age to me … We both decided that the year I turned 36 would be prime time …This blog and its community has become an extension of our lives, you have supported us, shared your love, questions, frustrations, stories and lives with us, and now we can’t wait to share ours! But truth be told, I could have gotten knocked up with his baby on that second date and I probably would have been over the moon… so, in late 2015, right before my 36 birthday, we “practiced for baby”… Until then, I wanted to let you know I feel GREAT and so far we are all very healthy and SO excited.

The 41-year-old told the Daily Mail.com: 'We asked ''What is our company really about at the end of the day? I grew up in Los Angeles, I consider myself a realist, you may call it a cynic. But people do change and people don’t love each other unconditionally and things happen.'I think you have to have an emotional connection to it and that’s exactly what I believe change requires.

In an exclusive at-home interview and photo shoot, she discusses the two-year journey that led her to her daughter and reveals an incredible twist of fate: Rhoades, 31, delivered their son the same week Michaels finally brought their daughter home.

The instant family has made for long days and nights for Michaels.

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