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Who is jon gosselin dating 2016

“When I met her, I [already] had a girlfriend,” he admitted.

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After being put in charge of family game night, Mady maintained total control over the event — which meant occasionally pushing back against her 41-year-old mother so she wouldn't take over! That's because in Tuesday night's all-new , the mother-of-eight flat out refuses to take part in a casual family helicopter crash simulation — Ya know, on second thought… Video: Jon Gosselin Says He Hasn't Seen Collin In 1.5 Years!

On Wednesday, Kate Gosselin's sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel — turned 13, officially making them teenagers!

Related: Jon Gosselin Didn't Actually Strip At His Stripping Debut To honor their special day, the 's season finale Tuesday night, when a friendly family trivia game inevitably turned into some stiff sibling rivalry!

According to local radio station PHOTOS: The Gosselin family album Jon's role in the sale remains unknown, though he has dealt with some financial setbacks recently.

A source told Us Weekly earlier this month that Gosselin, 37, had been evicted from his home in rural Pennsylvania after he was unable to maintain payments to rent the property.


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