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Who is oliver james hudson dating

Ukończył szkołę aktorską Guildford School of Acting w Surrey, na kierunku - dramat. Jego pierwszym większym występem w telewizji była rola w 2002 roku, w zrobionym dla telewizji krótkim filmie "Scool's Out". Nabyta umiejętność pomogła mu także w zdobyciu roli Jaya, młodego muzyka, w filmie "Raise your voice", gdzie zagrał u boku Hilarry Duff.

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If you're like me, you totally loved the movie What a Girl Wants and like most Kidzworld members, think Oliver James is a hottie. I got out of this stretch limo - I had never ridden in a stretch limo before - and there was flash photography going off on one side of the street. Since there isn't much info on the web about this newbie British actor, I decided to talk to the boy himself. And, on the other side of the street, there were these people who don't know me, because I haven't done anything before, shouting my name. I had to turn around and take these pictures and there was all these flashbulbs going off. Można powiedzieć że zainteresowanie tą dziedziną pobrał z krwią ojca. Jednak na razie skończyło sie tylko na dwóch singlach: "Long Time Coming" i "Half-Life". Kolejna ukrytą pasją Olivera są wyścigi samochodowe.He appeared in the film Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff. James made his acting debut in the made-for-television short film School's Out as Dean.Birth Name : Oliver James Hudson Birth Date : June 01, 1980 Birth Place : Ottershaw, Surrey, UK Role That Got Him Noticed: Opposite Amanda Bynes in the teen comedy "What a Girl Wants"Has been the lead singer in a band, can play the drums, and played the guitar for "What a Girl Wants" and "Raise Your Voice" Oliver James graduated from the Guilford School for Performing Arts in England and had only been working for a year before he snagged his…Oliver Rutledge Hudson (Los Angeles, 7 september 1976) is een Amerikaans acteur die begonnen is in de televisieseries My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star en The Mountain.Hudson speelde ook in 15 aflevering van Dawson's Creek.Oliver is de broer van collega acteur Kate Hudson, en zoon van Bill Hudson en actrice Goldie Hawn.


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