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Heather told me she did not have enough money for the journey back to Musselburgh, had she wished to leave under her own steam.

In fact it would be some time before they returned home.

“I gave my birth to my baby in a toilet – I lost her and now I’m dying as well,” says a woman weeping as she lies on a dirty floor, unable to walk after months without medical treatment.

She is one of thousands of women and children held indefinitely in Libya’s countless detention centres, caught in a lucrative trade between militias and people smugglers profiting from the worst refugee crisis the world has ever seen.

In many conflicts, more troops were killed by malaria than in combat. Melville, Professor of hygiene, Royal Army Medical College, London, wrote a chapter on malaria prevention in war in Ronald Ross’s book The Prevention of Malaria.

The activities of the armed forces would create thousands of breeding places for the vector mosquitoes and thus greatly increase the transmission. He wrote: “The history of malaria in war might almost be taken to be the history of war itself, certainly the history of war in the Christian era.” He suggested that a specially selected medical officer should be placed in charge of antimalaria operations with executive and disciplinary powers.

Those centres are controlled by the UN-backed Libyan government, but many more are under the control of the numerous militias and armed groups operating in the country that have forced migrants from across Africa into work camps and brothels.

Rare access to the squalid system was granted a new documentary aiming to shed light on the plight of thousands of asylum seekers in Libya who are detained, tortured, raped and sold like slaves into labour or prostitution.

Cinchona bark and Quinine were “hot properties” during the two World Wars and inability to procure or maintain adequate stocks of quinine spurred research into other drugs to treat malaria so that the troops could be treated effectively.

alaria has shaped the course of history for millennia.

It has always been part of the ups and downs of nations; of wars and of upheavals.

The Mood Matters for Young People programme helped our young people realise what affects mental health, taught signs and symptoms of stress and depression, suggested sources of help, and encouraged all young people to look after their own mental health.

The team were very impressed with our school and all the young people they encountered.


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