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Who is siddharth malhotra dating

While the couple kept denying the rumours, the media and paparazzi failed to see any truth in that.Alia and Arjun had been caught hanging out with each other a lot but nobody observed the presence of Sidharth Malhotra at all those occasions.

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If I am talking to my best friend, my sister or my father, I will tell them everything. When the time is right to talk about something, I will. Let people speculate; I am not going to deny, accept or deflect anything. I am just bored of these general knowledge questions and jokes now.He was 12 years old and asked his cousin to introduce him to the girl.He had his first girlfriend when he was about 15-16 years old.In school, he had a crush on a teacher, Parul Jain.Once, he wrote on his book "Dude, Parul is looking really hot today." She noticed him talking and pulled him up. On his recent trip to Dubai, when he went for clubbing, one girl told him 'You're really hot', he felt little ackward but at the same time he was flattered too.If the rumours are true, the duo do make for one good looking couple, and if the rumours are false then their loss, lol!She had an impressive string of hits last year, and was termed one of the top actors in Bollywood, but Alia Bhatt doesn’t want to rest on her laurels.I have been brought up by a father (filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt) who is a firm believer that birthdays aren’t really ‘great’ days to celebrate.I love the attention, but I have never been one to go crazy about it.Siddharth Malhotra who is coming generation's romantic hero.He has all the charm in him to bring the romance on the screen.


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