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Each group discussed how to improve the situation of women in their context.The event ended with some conclusions and ideas, such as that one of the aims for women is to be more cited; also, to that maternity and paternity policies should be more equal and fair for both parents, or that it would be a good idea to create some postdoc fellowships only for women.I tried to remain friends, but it was harder than I thought.He started talking to other women and scheduled dates with them.Scientists women will highlight these facts and discuss possible causes and solutions.

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We would like to highlight that there were a lot of questions and a high participation, and not only from women, but also from men. They were split into four groups: academia, industry, government and school.

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Things had been tough for a while, she had been off work sick from an operation and i was working lots of hours at work as i work in the catering industry.

We were both under a lot of stress as i hadn't seen my Son from Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here for relationship advice for a while because things have been going great the last few months and now there has been a bump, I am looking for answers.


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