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What you get on this book is a simple step-by-step process to reposition yourself as a man of value; a man who has clearly learned from his mistakes and has become a better person because of it.It tells you exactly the best way to resist the instinctual responses which just lower your social value and convince her that she made the right decision in taking divorcing you.The 2nd Chance Overview provides you with a clear depiction of the way you may benefit from using Mirabelle Summer's book "2nd Chance".Just to let you know, Mirabelle writes from a completely emotionally removed perspective.

I put her through college and she went to work for a large retail chain.

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So in spite of how effective and insightful the advice, it is important that you have the emotional maturity to actually practice them to get results.

Let's get started and go over a breakdown of what the 2nd Chance course will teach you...2nd Chance Assessment: Summary of Strong Points When relationships come to an end, it appears as though they are almost impossible to revive them.


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