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Completed A group of teenagers look to have the best Spring Break party ever before going off to college. See full summary » Director: Glenn Plummer STORY LINE: "Four Kings" is half hour scripted show about four best friends who live in the penthouse of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

However, when party goers start to die, who's to blame? Three of them are world class poker players and the ...

See full summary » Director: Tyler Maddox Hard working Simone and flamboyant Angela may be like fire and ice, but they still know what it means to be sisters.

However, when they both fall for the same man, their life-long ...

Director: Thomas Gibson Jealousy, Passion, Affairs, Forgiveness and Unrequited Love.

These are just a few of the steamy topics that are covered on a daily basis at the most talked about radio station in town, ...

Posted in Online Dating Advice, tagged internet dating for single mothers, online dating for mothers, Online dating for single mothers, single mothers online dating on December 12, 2008| Leave a Comment » Dating can be very challenging for most everyone today, but it can be especially so for single mothers.

The demands of child care and work can take up considerable time, as well as physical, mental and emotional energy.

Understand Men to find out more about all the other programs and opportunities he has created for women’s dating and relationship enlightenment.Basically, Tinder dating has groomed society to live as though something better is just around the corner. Read more There’s a new dating app on the market that’s similar to Tinder with some more features offered.The app is called Green Light and it is almost identical to Tinder but they’ve included a map and other features that make it more interesting.Read More Why do so many men fail at online dating?After hundreds of hours of research, interviews and observations on how men and women behave when dating online, Sam Stone, offers the root causes for these failures.He’s a master at helping women recognize and distinguish the difference between men who are looking to get laid from those who are truly ready for love.Through his heart centered, radical honesty coaching style, he helps answer the questions that baffle women the most when it comes to dating, mating and relating.Read more For those of you that use Tinder, you’re familiar with what the “Super Like” is and how it possibly became a game changer for the company. After hundreds of hours of research, interviews and observations on how men and women behave when dating online, Sam Stone, offers the root causes for these failures. Understand Men My guest today, Understand Men NOW, dating and relationship expert, Jonathon Aslay is a defender and protector of women’s hearts across the nation. Jonathon, a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and author of “ONLINE DATING SECRETS REVEALED” teaches the Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Dating and helps women become date and relationship ready.He helps women transform from being addicted to Mr. He has co-authored several audio programs and e-courses including, “RELATIONSHIP BY DESIGN” creating and attracting your Ideal Relationship and “AVOID THE BAD BOYS: Jonathon’s journey from seeking love to teaching women about how to find love started in 2005 after his own divorce and discovering the trials and tribulations of dating online.


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