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Yountville is small enough that if you are up for a walk you can make this tasting room and this part of town a destination for the morning or afternoon.You can access Washington Square from two entrances – the main street that runs through Yountville and also the driveway immediately after you take the turnoff into north Yountville from Highway 29.Eight acres are planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and one 1 acre is planted to Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Helena is in the heart of the Napa Valley and children of vintners attend this school.Ed is a native of the Napa Valley and used to coach football at St. As expected a number of his former students are now in the local and extended wine industry.Well-regarded local winemaker Dave Phinney has made their wine since the first vintage.Dave is much in demand as a winemaker – he made his mark with his own very successful winery, Orin Swift and before that worked at Robert Mondavi and Opus One.Grape cultivation first appeared in the Black Sea area around 8,000 years ago.From there it spread south-eastwards to Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt, and then across the Mediterranean to Greece and Italy. Vassos Karageorghis stated- “The archaeological evidence permits us to say that the cultivation of the grape vine started in Cyprus some time in the second millennium B.

Legend has it that the first mortal to be taught to make wine was Ikarios, whose teacher was Dionysus, the God of wine.

Homer and Euripides praised the excellence of Cyprus wines.

Because of problems with sealing vessels to protect wine from oxidation from the air, most early wines would have been sweet.

You can see the front of the tasting room directly from Highway 29 in either direction. Beau Vigne was started by Ed and Trish Snider with their first vintage dating from 2002.

We have tasted Beau Vigne’s wines a number of times at various tastings around the Napa Valley and beyond and were pleasantly surprised to discover that they opened this tasting room in early July 2010. The vineyard source for creating the wine comes from a 9 acre vineyard at about 1350 feet on the slopes of Atlas Peak.


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