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You may also use pre-made XVM configurations from other users, available in a special section on the official mod support forum. The newest versions of XVM always appear only here.

Please Note: We do not recommend downloading XVM from other sources.

The HUD display always shows 0 0 0 x (number of spots is actually working). I can do 5x 200dmg and stats at the top left corner still show 0 (should be 1000).

So far I have tried: - removing xvm folder from wot - uninstalling wot and removing all folders - clean wot install xvm zip from the website - clean wot install xvm from xvmupdater The only other two options that i can think of is to remove current user and install everything from clean or re-install windows. Attached are log files and screenshots of how it look during gameplay. Same for blocked damage and spot damage - always 0 regardles of how much I achieve.

Thanks for your feedback, I'd like to add that XVM Updater managed to successfully install XVM near 60 times according to my received reports.

Thursday I used OMC's mod installer and everything worked fine. As many have said Gnomefathers caused issues and alot of CTD. Like I said worked Thursday and hasn't worked since then.

Adjusted markers over tanks (Over Target Markers) Maud XVM gives the chance easily and to adjust simply markers over tanks under herself using a huge choice of settings.

There is also a visual editor configuration in which to understand even a novice.

Also, I improved the Wo T folder detection and Dokan installation.

If you still encounter this issue, please specify your installation directory, and the current action performed (the first progress bar).


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