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Yahoo cuckold chat group

Any lonely women 18 and over (bored housewives come to mind) who might like to chat, cam, more, let me know.

Though I am still single.I wud surely make a very good and obedient Sissy husband..

My wife was doing some clearing out of old paperwork and found an old credit card statement from years back. She must have known something was different as often we...

I know not to beg for my release, but rather have to...

Being paraded in front of a group of ladies while wearing stockings suspenders, heels, frilly panty and bra is something that would embarrass me...

So this weekend just gone has been pretty traumatic. Before we married I told her about my transvestism but she professed to never remember my telling her as she was too drunk, too stoned, too this or too that to remember.

my first time that I dressed and went out to find a man I was so excited when i got to the bar and went inside a man was looking at me so i let him have his way and kiss me in the mouth i could fill his **** getting hard as we kissed and I put my hand on his but and pulled...

I noticed by chatting, reading forums, skypesessions that most submissive sissiefied males are smalldicked.


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