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He completed his high school education from the Baker High School located in the small city of Baker.Lemon joined Louisiana State University in the year 1984.Later on, he joined CNN and became the original news reporter for the channel.

I am worried that he is staring to influence my husband to do the same thing.coverage for many people watching the network after he got his ear pierced on live TV and opened up about himself like never before. The 50-year-old television personality appeared like he might have had a little too much to drink on the celebratory night and viewers noted that he seemed “hammered.” Don had a professional tattoo artist pierce his left ear while co-host Brooke Baldwin watched on in shock. As far as I am aware we have a loving marriage, I just get frustrated why my husband can’t understand that it upsets me and I feel excluded from his life.I know that if my parents invited me on vacation they would make sure my husband was invited too as we are married and to be honest I feel that marriage should include experiencing new things and places with each other. I became friends with this guy who is significantly younger than me (he’s 25). I even imagine hurting the dog or letting it out of the house to never see it again. I would hate to break up after this but he refuses to get rid of the dog. Recently, when my husband came back from vacation, literally the day after, he tells me that he is now planning on going on another vacation with his dad in Mexico very soon. I have been picturing abusing the dog and I don’t like having those thoughts, I’m just mad. We are 29 and 31 and recently my husband has been going on vacation with his father for two weeks every year on the other side of the world.Therefore, he joined Brooklyn College where he completed his degree in broadcast journalism.Later on, he joined Louisiana State University for his further studies. Born on March 1st in 1966, Don Lemon is a well-known figure in American television industry. His birth name was Donald Davis Lemon, and he was born in Baton Rouge in Louisiana. It is also said that his parents never got married.Without completing the course he moved to New York in 1990, to serve as a news assistant at a flagship television station named award in 2014.During an on air interview in 2010, the 5 foot 6 inch tall Lemon disclosed that he was physically abused by a teenage male neighbor when he was eight years old.


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