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They wind up getting drunk together, and via a game of "I've never," learn more about each other.Of course, Daryl is a mean drunk and blows up at Beth after she indirectly asks if he's ever been in jail., as well as in fashion campaigns for brands like Revlon and Versace.She also became a Victoria’s Secret model, and has worked alongside Tyra Banks and Stephanie Seymour. She’s also a businesswoman Helena helped launch Magazine in 1999 with founding publisher Marvin Scott Jarrett, and then served as its first creative director. She loves musicians Besides Norman, Helena has had two other long-term boyfriends since becoming a known name — and they’re both musicians!Almost four hours in, the pair decided to change locations and were obviously in stellar moods.No doubt the company and a few cocktails helped the stars feel so good as their great mood was evident as they walked along hand-in-hand.

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The Walking Dead regularly emphasizes the bonds that form between two characters.

Do you wish her and Norman would get back together?

It has long been a case of are they or aren't they, but there can be no denying it now.

put its lens on Daryl and Beth during Sunday's hour, following the duo as they continued to fight tooth and nail to stay alive without the benefit of food or shelter.

The episode provided as much character exploration as it did scares, with Beth (Emily Kinney) narrowly escaping an attack inside a country club where she had led Daryl (Norman Reedus).


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